Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Your Party!

A year ago today, The Barb Wire began with this post. Since then, a lot of trail has passed beneath my stirrups:

Aaruba and I completed our first Limited Distance race. And our second. And our first 50-miler. And our second. Better yet, he overcame his cow phobia.

Consolation won the honor of becoming the first horse to dump me in quite a few years. She also got a good start under saddle and on the trail, which included a great effort to excise her herdbound behavior.

Acey had her first ride, plus a few more. Tuetano didn't do much. (He was storing it all up for this year.) Ripple Effect and Crackerjack got to be babies, mostly. Sandstorm got a good start on gentling. Insider got a girlfriend.

I got an awesome sponsor, over 1,200 miles in the saddle (at an average speed of 6.49 mph, in case you were wondering), a new favorite CD, and some fantastic friends I'd never have met without this blog.

All told, The Barb Wire saw 190 posts and nearly 25,000 hits. Yeah, I know. Some of the megablogs out there get 25,000 hits a day. You gotta start somewhere, right? Besides, they many have more readers, but I have better readers. I can't tell you how many times your comments have made my day.

You're the best, and I thank you.

Come along for another year at In the Night Farm!

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Jackie said...

A great year for you with alot of goals accomplished. Best wishes for 2009 with many, many more trail miles passing beneath fleet feet.

enlightenedhorsemanship.net said...

we love it!
keep it coming.

Lori Skoog said...

I want to see more shots in the dark...they are dazzling.

LizGoldsmith, EquineInk said...

Too funny, I started my blog a year ago yesterday! Until I read your post I'd forgotten.

It's amazing how fast the year has gone. It's also amazing that I can still think of things to write.

LizGoldsmith, EquineInk said...
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Spartacus Jones said...

Happy anniversary, m'darlin.'


Funder said...

Happy blog birthday! I hope this year is just as eventful and even safer than last year.

betsnevada said...

Congratulations! I've only recently started following your blog, but I love every bit of it. You're an excellent writer, the photos are beautiful and the subject is my favorite. Thanks for sharing your skills and experiences. I look forward to every post!

Tamara of In the Night Farm said...

Thanks, Jackie. We'll give it our best shot!

You got it, Kim...and the same to you!

Lori, I'm hoping for more opportunities once the furballs shed out and the mud dries up. :-)

Liz, what are the chances!? You're doing wonderfully -- keep it up!

Thanks, SJ. Come with me, will you?

Me too, Funder, me too. *crosses fingers*

Thanks and welcome, Betsy. Glad to have you along!