Thursday, December 31, 2009

On Riding On

There's something to be said for appreciating the way life is,
rather than the way you meant for it to be.

I owe you all an apology for my long absence. All I can say is that I must have needed a break. I didn't intend to take such a long one, but that's what happened. 2009 has been a long ride for me, both personally and professionally. The trail got steeper after I wrote this post, but I stick by what I said: Without the hard times, we wouldn't know what triumph really is.

Yes, it's been a long year. I didn't accomplish most of the goals I set out at the beginning. My equestrian goals suffered most of all, due partly to injury and partly to emotional distraction. Over the past few months, I've rested from horsemanship as much as blogging. I've done almost no training or riding. I've fed and watered the horses, watched them from my window, petted their fuzzy shoulders and simply let them be. And let myself be. Quiet. Undriven.

Slowly, softly, desire has crept back in. I almost want to ride again. I almost wish the snow and ice would vanish from the round corral, freeing me to train baby Inara, to start Ripple Effect under saddle, to progress with Acey and ramp up Consolation's fitness again.

Because 2010 is here. I am entering it stronger than ever before -- physically, mentally, emotionally. Life holds some interesting prospects. I promise I'll become less scarce soon, to let you know how it goes.

Happy New Year, my friends. Thanks for sticking around.

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