Monday, November 10, 2008

A Cowboy for You

In a recent comment, Susan at The Pony Expression referred to me as a "old horse soul." I confess I was flattered. It's time now to pass along the compliment.

Existentially speaking, I don't believe in "old souls" -- that is, the concept of reincarnated beings or even angels incarnate -- but if I did, my friend Spartacus Jones would be one of them.

He is a singer, a songwriter, a horseman who claims that equines saved him from being someone none of us would care to know. I've heard just enough of his story to believe him. How much can horses change a man? I'll just say this: he's one of the few I'd trust with my horses. (Don't panic, SJ, I haven't written you into my will. Yet.)

Anyway, he just sent me a copy of his new CD. A set of "horse inspired songs for horse inspired people," Many Ponies contains some songs I'd already laughed and cried to as I listened via Spartacus Jones' MySpace page, plus nine or ten new ones. It's all I've listened to since Saturday morning.

Having grown up to the soundtrack of my dad's LP's, I was easy prey for Spartacus Jones' style. It's Elvis. It's Marty Robbins. It's country and blues and Spanish and more. It's lyrical. It's funny and sweet and deeply honest.

Many Ponies contains the song I wish had been written for me ("A Cowboy for You") and the one that could have been written about me ("Everything That I Love Best"). All 15 tracks are the songs of a horseman's heart. Want proof? All profit from sales of the CD will be donated to horse rescues, including Meadowgate Equine Rescue in New York state. Want more proof? Read this.

Follow the links and give Many Ponies a listen. If you like what you hear, pick up an extra copy. Christmas is coming, and nothing looks as good in a stocking as a cowboy.

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Susan Catt said...

Thanks for the plug Tamara. I visited Spartacus' myspace page and added him to my own several months ago after seeing him linked to your page. Very down to earth music reminiscent(sp) of the old cowboy ballads. A very nice treat for an ol' cowgirl like myself! Reminds of sitting by fireside listening to a good friend sing to the stars.


Lori Skoog said...

Tamara....a nice plug for SJ. I too received one of his CDs and yes, he has an amazing sensitivity when it comes to horses. Hopefully his dream will come true and many horses will be given a decent retirement facility. Hopefully, everyone that reads your blog will pass on what he is doing.