Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Until the Twelfth of Never

You know that age-old question about whether it's better to have loved and lost, or never to have loved at all?
I never wonder about that. I know.

Aaruba and I may have twelve days left together, or twelve years.
Either way, I mean to enjoy them.


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Christine said...


Lori Skoog said...

One day at a time! You guys are lookin' good.

allhorsestuff said...

Sweet Tamara..you have so poignantly reminded all of to truly STOP- and smell the wonderful horse faces!

Merri said...

: )))

Wind Gatherer said...

You miss a week and it all goes to hell. Glad to see it turned out well. Keep on, keepin' on.

Andrea said...

My good friend Lynnie was just told today that she probably has less than 6 months to live - going in for an operation on a brain tumor that is growing again this week. If that doesn't work, and the continued chemo doesn't work either, then that's it.

Life is fragile, and it blows my mind. You enjoy every single second of that horse, Tamara. Do it for Lynnie.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

So glad he is home. You have a great outlook for the rest of your time together. We never know how much time we get with the beings we love, so love them the best we can each day.

Anonymous said...

Not to make light of this or anything, but how could you do that to me? Now I have the Osmond Brothers in my head. All night!

Tamara of In the Night Farm said...

Thanks, Christine. I'm in love with his eyes -- can you tell?

Thanks, Lori. :-)

Kac -- We only get once around. Enjoy.

Hi Merri! :-)

LOL, Wind. It's YOUR fault!

Oh, Andrea. I'm so sorry -- and I will.

You got it, Splash.

Kim...anything I can do for ya. Anytime. You just let me know .