Wednesday, December 24, 2008

You Better Watch Out...

I spent a few minutes this morning preparing the horses for Santa's arrival. Acey was a bit suspicious...

...but Ripple took it in stride.

I think I'll send her out to greet the reindeer. Santa might be inspired to leave extra presents for the ponies!


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Susan Catt said...

Merry Christmas, Tamara, Travis, pooches, critters and horses!

From THE PONY EXPRESSION, Prophecy, Paisano, Theory and of course me.


Donna said...

Gorgeous creatures all! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Lori Skoog said...

Isn't it nice to have horses who are good sports?

allhorsestuff said...

Stunning color and wonderful ponies!
What camera do you use?
Merry Christmas..may your heart be light!