Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Comes Early: My Stonewall Sponsorship Saddle has Arrived!

Here it is! The Stonewall Saddles logo...

...on my new sponsorship saddle, complete with unique water bottle holders, saddle bags, and wool pad...

...custom-built for Aaruba, with the help of the Dennis Lane equine back measuring system...

...beautiful and comfortable enough to coax me out for a ride despite the windy, 15 degree weather. The saddle fit Aaruba as though molded to his back (which is, after all, exactly what the conformal foam lining the custom tree is designed to do) and felt perfectly secure and familiar to me as we cruised across the frozen countryside.

I haven't had a new saddle since I was fourteen years old. It was an all-purpose Wintec, the best I could afford on my stall-cleaning wages. Sixteen years later, I still have it. I can see myself riding in a Stonewall even longer.

Dear Jackie, owner of Stonewall, Aaruba says "thank you."

And so do I.

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allhorsestuff said...

Oh my!! That looks wonderful and I will have to go seek more info on it foresure!
Beautiful day for a crisp ride!

Spartacus Jones said...

Looks great.
May he wear it in good health.
I love the design of that saddle.


Jonna said...

Lookin' sharp.... how very exciting..

Kessira said...

It came! I'm so happy for you, and 'Ruba looks comfy in it. Yay!

Fran Jurga said...

Wow, looks like it will go the distance. I am so jealous! (And also still have my first Wintec!)


Esther Garvi said...

It is beautiful!

Shana said...

It suits him! He looks dashing! Very nice! I also still have my first Wintec. It hasn't been around as long as yours yet though :)

Anonymous said...

The saddle looks great and like it fits him very well. Enjoy!

To me the stirrups look backwards? Do they have some kind of swivel top or something? Normally the outside of the stirrup is at the front when just hanging?

Also, what is the name of the rope halter you use?

Jonna said...

Ok this is off the subject but I am tagging you for a game of Photo Meme.It's a fun game that is ciculating some of the blogs. Susan Catt tagged me, now tag your it! Go to my site to see the rules of how to play

Andrea said...

How handsome!!!! Maybe I should give up eventing and go for endurance and try to get sponsors to give me super awesome tack like that :D Stay warm in that cold weather!

Simrat said...

That logo on the jockey is great! Is that a custom bit for the sponsorship? It's way cool, in any case. And A looks great now, entirely color coordinated!

Tamara of In the Night Farm said...

Thanks, all! I'm beyond thrilled, and humbled, by Stonewall's sponsorship.

Fran and Shana -- how funny that you both have your first Wintecs, too!

Anonymous -- I usually do hang my stirrups the other way, but was experimenting. The new "leathers" (they're actually nylon) are so flexible that it hardly matters. The rope halter/bridle you see in these photos is an Indian bosal/halter combo from Crazy Ropes by Debbie. There's a link to her website in my sidebar; also, I posted details about the product in my Aug 24, 2008, post entitled "Tack Test."

Simrat -- Isn't it the best logo? That's just for the sponsorship saddle, but most of the other features are available to everyone.

Jackie said...

I concur - a beautiful post. You have done a wonderful job with him given him a golden insurance policy for a long and happy life!

jackie said...

Oops. That comment was supposed to go with the recent Aaruba blog. Would you please move it for me. I enjoyed this blog also :)

Tamara of In the Night Farm said...

Hmm, I think you have to be smarter than I to figure out how to move a comment...No matter, I knew where it went. I've done that myself. :-)