Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's Here!: Dennis Lane Equine Back Profiling System

The Dennis Lane Equine Back Profiling System has arrived from Stonewall Saddle Company! The cards came in a large, flat box via insured mail. The post office first attempted to deliver while I was at work, but thankfully, they tried again on Saturday. Our delivery lady was most amused by my enthusiasm.

Inside the box, I found the Dennis Lane profiling cards and everything I'll need to use them, from data sheets for all our horses to an equine measuring stick. Jackie Fenaroli, owner of Stonewall Saddle Company, even included chalk, a sharpened pencil, and a sample of the conformal foam that lines the tree of a Stonewall endurance saddle.

Note the presence of my furry assistant. I guess nobody told Souffle what curiosity did to the cat.

Jackie also included soldering wire, tape, pen and large sheets of graph paper so I can make tracings of Aaruba's back. Stonewall will use both sets of measurements to customize Aaruba's sponsorship saddle. I love this box of stuff -- how nice not to have to run around the house gathering incidentals!

In a few minutes, Travis and I will head outside to start measuring horses. Never having used the Dennis Lane System before, we'll practice on a horse other than Aaruba. Jackie invited me to measure all our horses while we have the cards -- even the two year old Barbs, so we can record how their backs change as they mature. Methinks Ripple Effect will be an excellent guinea pig for Take 1.

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