Monday, December 1, 2008

Dirty Dancing

I spent Thanksgiving week absorbed with cooking, cleaning, and company. Meanwhile, Aaruba stood in his paddock, gathering dust. Literally. He missed two workouts, and by Saturday afternoon he was pacing the fence line in obvious frustration. So, my houseful of relatives flooded out to the round corral to watch while Aaruba and I burned off steam.

First, I tried to clean him up for the various cameras in the vicinity. The difference was almost detectable at close range.

Then, we danced.

And he was lovely. (Grime notwithstanding.)

It was an unseasonably warm, if cloudy, day. Twenty minutes of tango had both of us dripping sweat. We settled down to walk and talk in the kind of silence only friends can hear. And the relatives scuttled back to the cozy house.

Methinks Aaruba and I got the best end of the deal -- dirt and all.
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East End Jenn said...

That second shot of you and Aaruba is amazing! Such a perfect illustration of the dance. Love the close up of him, too. Lucky relatives for having front row seat.

Donna said...

I totally agree, the dancing photo is wonderful. There's no substitute for a dance with a great partner.

Lori Skoog said...

Please check my Journal for an award.

Carol said...

Wow, I love the pictures!!
They illustrate what a wonderful connection you and Aaruba have with each other. Thank You for sharing them :)

Le Cheval Endiablé said...

All the picture are very beautiful. Aaruba seems so kind.

Anonymous said...

Things I like about this post in no particular order:

1. You are upright and able to walk without bloodcurdling vocal emissions.
2. It appears to be above freezing.
3. It is not raining.
4. You are wearing a tank top!
5. Aaruba is paying careful attention to you rather than sniffing complaints as to the whereabouts of his cranberry sauce.

Altogether an enviable experience. Good for the both of you. Can we trade lives for maybe just one week?