Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shot in the Dark: Trust

The road to trust is paved with time and shared adventure.
Even if there were shortcuts, we would be unwise to take them.


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Spartacus Jones said...

Sometimes the long road is quicker than a short-cut.

I love that photo.

You're blessed -- and so's that pony.


Andrea said...

I love it.

I also have a question for you - are you still doing the aloe gel and MSM with Aaruba, or did you pull it? What were your long-term results with it? I've just put my mare on it and WOW what a difference! The very first day she was different, and a week in she's like a brand-new horse.

Tamara of In the Night Farm said...

:) Thanks, SJ.

Andrea -- I quit with the aloe and MSM after a scope revealed the ulcers were GONE!! :) Great to hear your mare is responding well to it! Would love an update, if you get a chance, after she's been on it for a month or two.

Andrea said...

NO WAY! Okay that is seriously awesome news. How long was he on it before they went away? I have another question - do your aloe products contain the whole leaf or just the innards? I have heard varying things on whether or not using the whole leaf is better and I have options on products to buy. Did you ever get to try it without the MSM?