Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oy, Presents!

Oooooh, look what just arrived in my mailbox!

It's from Stonewall. I have a sneaking suspicion about what's inside... Yes! New toys -- I mean saddlebags!

Stonewall Saddles has teamed up with Snugpax to offer pommel bags designed specifically for the Stonewall. As you can see, these packs provide considerably more space than my current pommel packs (which I'll move from my sponsorship saddle to my older Stonewall because I really like them, too) and include a new strap that attaches to the Stonewall's rigging and should prevent the bouncing problems I had with my old Snugpax pommel bags.

Consolation is enjoying one more recovery day after a 30-mile weekend, but we'll test drive these packs tomorrow evening.

Oh! Didn't I mention that we did a 20-mile conditioning ride on Sunday? We averaged only 5 miles per hour, but finished in fine form. Milady Consolation is coming along, ladies and gentlemen. She's coming along. I'm feeling good about her first LD at Old Selam come September...

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Jonna said...

Good to hear she is coming along for you. You must be so proud of your gains together. What do you think? Are these Barbs slower, but steadier mounts or do you think in time with enough conditioning they can keep up with the speed of the arabs?

manker said...

oy is right : ) sit down and ride!!

happy trails
cid and gazi