Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beginner's Luck

Life is strange, sometimes. Three years ago, I never would have guessed that my wild-eyed, emotional, live-wire Aaruba would be retired from endurance and giving riding lessons.

Who'd have thought that such a sensitive and high-strung animal would carry a beginner more quietly than he carries me? So quietly, in fact, that we had to wake him up a bit to achieve a decent clip down the trail.

But then, it isn't so surprising. Horses read hearts better than most humans do. They understand innocence and goodwill, respond to honest intention, abhor egoism.

Maybe that's why I like them so much.

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Lori Skoog said...

Makes sense to me....Aruba is very special.

Jackie said...

He is a good looking seat for a beginner!

LizGoldsmith, EquineInk said...

I used to let my husband ride my trakehner because Kroni was such a good babysitter. He was a very sensitive horse but he was just so tolerant when he was carrying a novice.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Seems that horses know what we need, how much we can take, and take such fine care of us if we just trust them enough to do so.
Aruba looks happy in that photo...wonderful to see.

Michelle said...

So top level show horse (who still managed a bit of buck now and then throughout his show years) packed my handicapped sister around for years. He was so responsive to her and would pick up on her subtle cues to trot, steered perfectly for is amazing to see how horses transform according to their riders...and how their riders transform in response to them. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

definitely horses are more sensitive to their humans than we give 'em credit for. My 3 are notorious for this... (and DH's 2 as well actually!) love em

well done

Anonymous said...

Aaruba looks might fine there!

Tamara of In the Night Farm said...

He is indeed, Lori. He is indeed. :)

Jackie -- surely does! Aaruba makes a good instructor. :)

Liz, Michelle, & GP -- Amazing, isn't it? We see it again and again...

CJS & HI -- Thanks. :) I think he was happy for some mental work and attention. Very people-oriented horse, he is.

Horseartist said...

Aaruba looks just wonderful, happy, relaxed and healthy. His new career seems to suit him extremely well. I am really glad to see this.