Saturday, November 15, 2008

Limited Distance Day

The skies over In the Night Farm cleared overnight to reveal a landscape newly rinsed by a week of rain, lightly frosted with morning chill. Aaruba and I took advantage of the crystalline day by holding our own, private Limited Distance race. We covered just over 22 miles of countryside in 2 hours and 42 minutes, averaging 8.25 miles per hour and feeling great.

Was it only 14 months ago that I hadn't a single horse to ride? Before that, did I really spend 7 years outside the equestrian world? May I never live without an endurance horse again! This is purest bliss.

Photo by East End Portrait Photography, Old Selam Endurance Ride 2008


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1 comment:

Jonna said...

You've come a long way! 14 mos? That is not much time to have been at this. having accomplished so much. But, you had a plan and worked the plan... turns out it works!

Keep up the great work and enthusiasm.