Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today's Most Useful Tool

A few days ago, Lynn at Laf'n Bear Studio wrote a post called Today's Most Useful Tool. In Lynn's case, the tool was a nail file. (Who'd have guessed?) My most useful tool today -- and many days -- is Google Earth.

If you haven't downloaded this free software yet, you are missing out. I employ it regularly to plan routes for conditioning rides. Using the "path" option on the "ruler" tool, I can zoom in on the roads near In the Night Farm and click my way to the exact number of miles Aaruba and I are due to ride. On the rare occasion we leave without a route in mind, I can trace our path later to ensure the accuracy of our conditioning log.

Bonus Tip: You can also use Google Earth for a cheap date. Just grab your sweetie, pop some corn, and snuggle in front of the computer for a tour of the world. Visit the summit of Mount Everest. Zoom in on the Taj Mahal. Compare the Great Pyramid to Chichen Itza.

Just don't expect to see Olympians in Bejing -- most of Google Earth's photos are several years old; those of In the Night Farm certainly predate our arrival. Too bad, really. Wouldn't it be fun to spy on the in-laws?
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Funder said...

I *love* Google Earth! I use it for the same purpose as you - "how far did we ride today?" But for some reason your post reminded me of this hysterical (and creepy) video about Google Maps Street View...

Susan said...

I do Google Earth and now I have a question for you. Do you know how to save your place marks (scripts) and have them work for someone else searching on google earth. My idea was to go back to where I grew up and mark the spots of interest and pin tags for my daughter who lives in Colorado to look up and read.


Is this possible?