Monday, July 21, 2008

Riding the Wave

After a week of riding waves instead of horses, I'm back at In the Night Farm and ready to get serious about preparations for the Pink Flamingo Classic. Here's a photo of me rowing through Wild Sheep Rapid on Day 2 of our 7-day trip down the Snake River through Hell's Canyon.

A whitewater rafting vacation takes almost as much planning, packing, and ongoing effort as camping with equines, so it would be easy to crash into a lazy week of gradual unpacking and extended cocktail hours. Instead, Travis and I will hustle to empty the truck of dry bags, raft, oars, frame, firepans, and other heavy items, then reload it with saddle pads, hoof boots, tack, and feed.

Come Friday, we'll head for Cascade with Aaruba in tow. Hopefully, the Pink Flamingo will go as smoothly as did Hell's Canyon...or better yet, more smoothly, since the raft that came through Wild Sheep behind me flipped!

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Ashley said...

Wow, that sounds exciting! I've only had the opportunity to go on one rafting trip, but I loved it...such a rush!