Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hay Baby

The rest of our year's hay has arrived -- 12.66 tons of alfalfa from my favorite vendor, who tells me that he's actually having trouble selling all his (very lovely) first cutting bales. Apparently, people are waiting for prices to drop. His advice? Buy now!

Here's stack #3 being delivered. Note that stack #2, behind it, collapsed.

Travis moved some of the scattered bales into the storage trailer. Others remained to keep the next stack from imitating the fallen one.

Merlin helped.


Mrs Mom said...

I agree with the hay man- folks need to stock up now. Fuel prices are going to drive prices up again, and here in the south where we have been hit by drought- it will take over a year to get full growth back from the fields. Buy now, while its affordable-ish!

Chris said...

Guess it's a question of how much people will pay for the peace of mind knowing they have enough roughage for their horses...

Nice looking lot of hay!

Strawberry Lane said...

Nothing more beautiful than stacks of green alfalfa ... and enough for the year!

Wish that farmer lived in our area. We're begging for hay at nearly any price.