Sunday, August 29, 2010

Surf and Turf

I haven't died. Really.

I'm still alive and, I might add, quite touched by all your kind comments on my last post (The Golden Pony). You're the reason I write, my friends -- it's good to know you're reading. Also, I registered your requests for a post on equine exertional rhabdomyolysis (aka myositis or "tying up"); my efforts in that direction have developed into a series of draft posts, so stay tuned.

Anyway, I've been absent from the web due to work-related busyness followed by a much-needed vacation. I spent 9 days rafting the River of No Return, a 90-mile stretch of the Main Salmon that runs through Idaho's Frank Church Wilderness. I'll post photos on my companion blog, NightLife, as soon as they're processed.

(By the way, I just moved NightLife from Blogger to WordPress and am working on a similar transition for The Barb Wire. Thoughts? Opinions?)

ANYWAY (geez, I'm distractable today), Consolation and I are now preparing for next weekend's endurance ride -- Old Selam. If you're in the area, be sure to check out the ride flyer and Facebook page. Also, this ride has an interesting history. I wrote up the story a couple years ago.

Consolation and I are planning to do the Saturday 50. It will be her first race since she tied up in May. Because my schedule has been so hectic, I was reluctant to ask her for a 50 until a more experienced friend pointed out that she's fitter than a lot of horses that people enter, she has a good base from last year and this spring, and horses maintain their condition during rest much, much better than human athletes do. We'll take it slowly (as if Consolation would permit me to overwork her even if I tried!) and enjoy the scenery.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have packing to do!

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Horseartist said...

I am a WordPress fan all the way. I don't know blogger, so can't really compare, but WP is excellent. Hosted on my own domain, gives me full ownership of the content too. I don't have to worry about the service going away and taking all my content with it.

Your vacation sounds wonderful! We were in northern ID for ours, but not half as adventurous.

Emmi said...

I was wondering when you were going to post again! Last year we went on the River of No Return trip too, we had a blast, I bet you did too. I can't wait to see pictures and good luck on your ride!

Lori Skoog said...

Welcome back! I really don't know much about WordPress, but you would not do it if you did not have a good reason!

Your break must have been a nice change. Now you and Consolation can go forward with your next 50 miles.
I wish you the best of luck and look forward to reading about it.

Lynn A. Fraley said...

Good to hear your voice again Tamara, I so enjoy your writing. The comments I heard during an online blogging workshop with ArtBiz Coach Alyson Stanfield convinced me that WP is the way to go, primarily for the reason Simrat mentioned. Migrating my blog to WP from Blogger is on the winter to-do list as well.

Have fun at Old Selam -- should have nice brisk weather for it :-)

Jonna of Acer Farm said...

Best of luck!.. BTW ( don't want to jix anything here but..) all may not be lost for the Pioneer ..I'll keep you posted...

Funder said...

Good luck at Old Selam!

Kerry said...

Breaks are great, but catching up is a ....*! Just read The Golden Pony as must NEVER forget the dreams! Dreams are what keeps us going when all the colic and lameness set it. Meeting those little girls keeps us all in perspective.

Peggy Archer said...

Wordpress is vastly superior to blogger. I moved my blog some time ago and I recommend it.