Friday, April 11, 2008

Miniature Milestone: Endurance Conditioning

On Wednesday evening, Aaruba and I cruised through an intersection, punched our stopwatch, and completed our 100th conditioning mile of 2008.

One hundred miles is nothing when you consider that there are endurance horses with 10,000 competitive miles to their name...not to mention conditioning miles.

But still, after four years of longing to enter the endurance world, there's nothing quite like being on the road at last. Onward and upward, my fuzzy friend!


ell said...

Oh Tamara! That is huge. I get teary eyed when I contemplate reaching that tiny little milestone(to seasoned endurance riders)! I can't wait! I will happy when Lucy and I have a ride we can qualify as a "Training Ride". I'm still getting her used to going out in the woods. Glad you stopped by RPF and announced yourself. I'll be back often and will add your link to my blog roll with your permission. So Groovy.

Tamara of In the Night Farm said...

Welcome, Ell! Aaruba and I have been conditioning on the grid of country roads around our place, so the great, wide wilderness will be an experience for us, too. Our first LD will (hopefully) be a desert ride in late May, so trees won't be an issue for us there...but we'd better trailer up to the woods soon anyway.